Wilderness vs Standard First Aid Courses

Standard first-aid courses are great for the kinds of situations that they are designed for. Most standard first-aid courses are taught with the assumption that rapid professional medical response is an option. The training is focused on recognizing common life-threatening emergencies and managing them until emergency services arrives quickly. This is a good thing and, without a doubt, saves lives. But what do you do if help does not show up in 10 minutes? What if the emergency does not follow steps 1-2-3 that you learned? What if something happens that is not covered in a standard first-aid course? And what if, god forbid, help is not coming, and you need to handle it all on your own? This is where a Wilderness First Aid course differs and may be more appropriate for folks who are fishing in places where 911 is not an option.
For many anglers, much of their time on the water is spent semi off the grid. That is one of reasons we play this game. Cell phone service may be limited, and even if you do have a few bars, unless you are fishing in downtown Denver, emergency services are going to be delayed because of your location.

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